Your Daughter’s Rites of Passage

I can help you to create a special event to celebrate your daughter’s growing up.


If your daughter’s been to a Girls Journeying Together Group mentoring and preparation, then you’ve done the first part and what comes next is your daughter’s own ceremony to mark her maturing.  It’s important.

We mark births, marriages and deaths but we’ve lost the tradition of marking one of life’s most critical transitions, from child to adult.  Every child used to look forward to her preparation by elders and a special celebration to acknowledge that she’s no longer a child and is making her way towards adulthood — a meaningful rite of passage.

Without it, young people self-initiate.  The media tells them how a man or woman should be and our youngsters create their own ways of proving their adulthood through feats, dares, and adventures; sadly often with drink and sex and risky behaviour.

We adults can take back the role of initiating our children into adulthood.  The children welcome it, we are fulfilled by it, and a transition that has become defined by its difficulty can become a joyous one.

I can help you to create this with your daughter.  It can be simple and small.  It can be bigger and more involved.   It can happen when she turns 13 or 16 or starts her period or when it just feels right.  It’s always powerful and she’ll remember it her whole life.

In two one hour sessions I can show you the way and provide you with an instruction booklet to guide you.

Book your first session:  £80      

Discounted price for GJT girls:  £40

After sending this form you will be directed to Paypal to pay after which you will receive a confirmation email with some questions for you to consider before we talk.

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