‘Woman to woman’ – what are we all talking about?

– Sexism rating for films:
At least two named women characters must talk to each other about something other than men for a film to receive the highest rating for gender equality in Sweden.

That doesn’t seem like much of a requirement – two women chatting (but not about men) somewhere within a story lasting ninety minutes or more – and yet a whole bunch of films fail: the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, all Star Wars movies, The Social Network, Pulp Fiction and all but one of the Harry Potter movies.



The women we see on our screens have a huge impact on us – it creates expectations for how women look, and behave, and the part that women play in life.  It would be great if our culture reflected who we are, but it doesn’t.  I don’t want my daughter to feel she has to be toned and gorgeous, a bit part to any man on the scene, or absent when there is any action.


Readers have asked me to collate a list of good books and films that provide inspiring role models for our growing girls.  Mothers in my current Girls Journeying Together group are compiling their suggestions, see comments below.

I welcome your suggestions for this list, saying why you like the book or film and what age you feel it would be suitable for – so we can co-create a resource for everyone.


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Posted on 14 December 2013
Musings: Parenting girls
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