What is your daughter like?

Every day of parenting can feel like a test in letting go:
– letting that person who is my child be who they are, and not who I imagine them to be, or want them to be, or feel they ought to be.

My dreams for her are not her dreams.  My opinions are not her opinions.

I say I want the best for her – but so often that can be my idea of what that best is.


She speaks and I think I listen; but do I really hear?
In so many ways, every day, she is showing me who she is.
Yet somehow I believed that to parent was to mould and influence her, rather than to pay proper attention to who she already is.

I know how powerful a parent’s judgement can be.
I don’t want her to be defined by mine.
I don’t want to fight who my child actually is.
I want to dare to let her be.


I know my part in this: to be a good role model

  • to follow my own dreams,
  • to pursue my own happiness
  • to be myself

When I give myself permission to create a life I love, to respect my own thoughts and feelings, to like my own body, to whole-heartedly love the people around me, to have fun; then my daughter might be inspired to do the same.

But she’ll do it in her own way – and I want to let her.


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Posted on 18 July 2013
Musings: Parenting girls, Parenting teenagers
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