Teens – they drive you crazy!

with their incessant demands
and their blatant disregard for time
and their mess
and noise
and their spontaneity
and persistence
and loyalty to their friends
and intensity
and taking some things so seriously
and other things not at all seriously
and eating exactly what they please; lots or not enough
and sleeping lots or not enough
and not doing things they don’t want to do
and not doing things if they don’t think they’re important
and doing things that are risky
and not telling you anything
and doing things that you did when you were their age!


But wait!  Re-read the list.. is it so bad?
Some of these qualities we would foster, or seek to relearn ourselves.

Perhaps we have a lot to learn from our teens!

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Posted on 5 September 2013
Musings: Parenting girls, Parenting teenagers
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  1. Cathie B says:

    Hi – just come across your blog on ‘My Best Post’ on Britmums. Wanted to say Hi and that I really loved this list. Looking forward to reading more from your site.

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