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Why are we so surprised when our daughters are not like us?

My daughter likes to accessorize.  She likes all animals, especially small furry ones.  She likes to change her outfit, not only every day, but more than once a day.  She draws constantly and loves to make cards for people.  She likes pencils and rubbers and stickers and coloured card. Me, I never change my minimal […]

Posted on 30 March 2012
Musings: Parenting teenagers, Parenting girls
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Twilight Girls

What teenage girl doesn’t want to be loved like Bella is loved? – adored by two gorgeous men, to the exclusion of all others, unto the death. (Actually there’s quite a few women who’d go for that kinda lovin’ too.) Twilight idealises – as all good fairytales do – but is this dangerous?  We know […]

Posted on 24 March 2012
Musings: Parenting teenagers, Parenting girls, Coming of age, Rites of passage
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