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Girls’ groups – what’s the point?

“I’m not paying money for my daughter just to hang out with a bunch of girls – she does enough of that already.” Why does it feel fine to spend money on flute lessons, on extra maths, on brownies and ballet, but not on personal development for our children? In life, what is going to […]

Posted on 11 June 2013
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“You can’t get pregnant first time!”

Too many teenage pregnancies come about through ignorance: “I’ve not started, so I can’t get pregnant can I.” “I thought you couldn’t get pregnant if you’re on your period.” “If he pulls out then you’re safe, right?” No, no, and no. If parents are teaching their kids, and teachers are covering this stuff in school, […]

Posted on 3 July 2012
Musings: Parenting teenagers
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What is a good education?

How many adults are bored, uninspired, unmotivated, or without direction?  A fair few. How many children are?   Not many. So what happens in between? If your teenager is losing motivation, spirit, direction – stop! Stop and look to see what is stifling them. Children learn by playing.  They experiment and observe and test. Teenagers […]

Posted on 6 June 2012
Musings: Parenting teenagers, Parenting girls
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