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Praise causes failure!

I know it does, but I still do it; it is ingrained in me that praising is proper parenting behaviour and I am really having to work hard to break the habit. It starts with “What a clever girl, you ate all your greens!” and goes on “What a brilliant picture!” and on “You’re a [...]

Posted on 8 March 2013
Musings: Parenting girls, Parenting teenagers
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My toddler-teen!

We’re in the midst of GCSE exams – and I am learning a new and delicate dance that reminds me of a dance I had to learn in the toddler years. My teen wants me to back off.  No gentle reminders to revise required, thank you very much.  No help with devising a revision timetable.  [...]

Posted on 13 June 2012
Musings: Parenting teenagers
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Exam revulsion

I hate exams. I hate the kind of mother I become when exams loom. I do not want to be an overly-ambitious mother who pressurises and pushes her child. I want to be supportive and accepting. Hah! It appears that I am only capable of being supportive when the need for help is towards studying; [...]

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Posted on 27 January 2012
Musings: Parenting girls
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