Rites for Girls goes audio!

For those of you who have asked me to give you words to listen to as well as to read, this is for you :

01 How does a girl become a woman







Photo: 123RF by Oleksandr Lysenko
Posted on 7 December 2013
Musings: Parenting girls

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  1. elizabeth gall says:

    The information is very clearly presented practical and accessible. I would like to see some pictures of girl marking transition. x

    • Kim says:

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your feedback. Pictures of girls marking their transition are hard to come by as it is so often such a private thing. The same for personal stories of puberty rites and celebrations – girls tend not to want to make it public. I have seen and heard some truly wonderful ceremonies though.

  2. anna rigano says:

    Dear Kim
    This is really good. Thank you! My daughter will be 14 on the 17th of February and listening to your recording made sense. I didn’t know you did this kind of work, well done.

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