Prepare well for exams – but still have a life!

Alexandre Zveiger

Jess can’t seem to get down to her revision.  Her teachers know that she is a capable student who has the potential to do well, but at this rate she’s not going to do as well as she could.  Jess finds revision boring and Facebook so much more attractive.  It’s not that she wants to do badly, she just can’t quite summon up the motivation to put the hours in.

We want our children to well in exams – their best hopefully.
The pressure to succeed is so high – there seem to be fewer routes from education into the world of work, and exams can seem to form a formidable gateway.
We don’t want to have to hassle them to study – it damages good relations.
We don’t want them to be too stressed – anxious – or unhappy.
We don’t want them to define their sense of worth on the results of these tests.
We want them to increase their choices by getting good results.

Anna feels defeated.  No matter how hard she tries she just can’t concentrate.  She reads the same passage over and over, none of it going in.  She knows she’s not going to do brilliantly but she’d like to at least pass them all.  None of the subjects interest her much, she’d much rather be playing in her band. She’s eating a lot of chocolate.  Anna goes for days without seeing her friends because she feels like she should be revising, and then goes out and stays out because she can’t face the books back home.

As parents we want to help our children through the intense exam period – but it’s not always clear how to help them to keep perspective, not to get too stressed, and still work hard.
How to maintain focus in the weeks of revision and sustain it in the exam period?
What to do on the days when it all seems impossible, or pointless, or hopeless?
Sometimes our children don’t find our input helpful; or don’t want it to come from us or their teachers.

Julie has always done well in school and she is expected to earn good results in her exams.  At the beginning of the year she drew up a revision timetable and she’s been sticking to it.  But she’s been having trouble sleeping, lying in bed worrying about not living up to expectations.  She’s feeling like she’s forgetting it as fast as learning it.  Anxious.  She’s lost her appetite and now she’s losing weight.  Secretly she quite likes this slimming down but her friends have noticed and are starting to say she’s too skinny.  The only time she really feels calm is when she is running on the treadmill at the gym – which she is beginning to do rather too often.  She’s so worried that she’ll do badly – anything less than straight As is going to feel like failing.  It doesn’t matter what her parents say to reassure her, she just doesn’t seem to stop worrying.

Luckily for me, I was good at exams.
I want to help girls to get through the experience without it costing their health or well-being.
In this workshop I help girls to:-

*  find their own motivation
*  figure out specifically how they learn
*  learn how to take care of themselves and their mental well-being

I do pass on a few tools and techniques to optimise a girl’s performance but mostly we focus on getting into the right headspace and finding balance, so she’ll be the best she can can.

Prepare well for exams
– but still have a life!

a two hour session of sane exam prep
with a small group of girls your age

limited spaces – book now

“Course I wanted to do well, but I couldn’t quite get down to my revision.
This motivated me but not with guilt.”

“I’ve got rid of that nagging feeling
like I should always be doing more work.” 

“Exams used to mean not being able to sleep, eating wrong, and feeling stressed
– it’s not so bad now.”

“This will be useful whenever I’m stressed out, not just at exams.”

“It was fun, even though it was about exams, it was fun.”

Who?      Teen girls
When?    Saturday 28th March, 2:30-4:30pm
Where?   Forest Row, Sussex
Cost?      £15

I am a trained facilitator, youth guidance worker, counsellor,
5 Rhythms movement teacher, and a mother of three.

To book or ask more: Kim  ☙

Rites for Girls exam support 2015

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Posted on 12 February 2015
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