Morning moods

My great-grandmother used to brush my grandmother’s hair one hundred times every morning.

My grandmother did the same for my mother.

My mother didn’t have time.

Now all too often we associate doing our daughter’s hair in the morning with hurry and stress. Tension arises as hair is tugged, child remonstrates, and mother chastises.  We miss the opportunity that it gives mother and daughter to spend special time together.  Tugging at tangles is not necessary.  If we set aside ten minutes and take the tangles slowly, it can be a time of intimacy.  It can be a pleasure for both.

Rather than approaching it with a sense of dread, brushing our daughter’s hair could become a morning ritual where we chat about the day ahead.  It can be a ritual that continues long after she could be managing her hair for herself because it has become a precious way of checking in with each other at the start of each day.  Sometimes things can be discussed that are not so easily spoken of face to face.

These daily snippets of quality time weave the strong web of the mother-daughter relationship.  It is worth it, and it may even transform the morning mood at home.

Posted on 27 September 2012
Musings: Parenting girls
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