Her first five years

At first she doesn’t know that she is separate from you. Then she learns by copying you.

The best way to take care of your little girl is to take care of yourself too.

She is learning all the time from you what it means to be a woman. If you want her to learn how to take care of herself, then show her how; not only in the way that you care for her but also in the way that you care for yourself.

A mother’s moment

ritesavatar6  Make five minutes every day to just be with her. Of course you probably spend hours every day with her – but spend five minutes doing nothing but sitting beside her and watching her, really watching her. Taking her in, her hair, her eyes, the way she holds herself, the way she moves, the way she talks. Really pay good attention to her. Nothing more. Smile at her if she looks at you.

ritesavatar6  Take five minutes of every day for yourself. Five minutes alone. Make sure she is safe, or perhaps choose a time when she is napping, and then find a place in your home that feels nice to you.

Sit there, still, listening to the sound of your own breathing. Just for five minutes.

If you have to think something, think: – what can I do to nourish myself today?

If finding those five minutes proves tricky to begin with, start by doing it on Sunday.

Then see if you can find the time on Wednesday too.

Allow it to increase to include the other days as you feel able to.

If you need convincing, I can help here!

Start today! Five minutes is all it takes.
Five minutes with her and five minutes with yourself.


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  1. This is brilliant advice. I am just beginning a womens’ circle, and the word that keeps coming up is Nourishment. How do we nourish ourselves? Do we even know? This week I’ve been trying something new. The moment after I’ve put both my girls (aged 4 and 6) to bed and I know they are asleep I go downstairs and instead of helping myself to a lump of chocolate (my first instinct to treat myself) I ask, what do I need now? the last couple of days my husband has been out and I’ve danced round the living room to a CD, shaking out the day. What would you do?

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