First bra – a special occasion

Do you remember getting your first bra?

Was it a special experience?  I hope so.

A girl’s first bra takes her through a gateway – a significant step along her path towards womanhood.  She is introduced to a whole new world of lingerie choices: cup size, cotton, lace, black, pink, skin-tone, underwired, padded, strapless, matching knickers.  Be there to guide her into this new territory.

Make an occasion of it.  Rather than popping into a department shop on your way back from grocery shopping, set aside some ‘girls together’ time.

Take your lead from her – if she’s excited, share her excitement, if she does not want to make a big deal out of it, play it cool.  Recognise that it is a significant first purchase, however she may seem.  Make a special time when you do not have to hurry, and perhaps go somewhere for cake afterwards.  Make the acquisition of your daughter’s first bra a cherishable memory.

I would love to hear your ‘first bra’ stories….

Posted on 2 November 2012
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  1. sheila says:

    I don’t remember my first bra, but I don’t think I go it early enough because I do remember being teased by some boys in school because of my pointy little breast buds – agh the pain! I did make sure I got my daughters bras as soon as they were needed from an embarrassment point of view rather than for support. I didn’t have a ritual a missed opportunity.

  2. Mum In Awe says:

    My first bra experience was horrid. My Dad and step -mother gave it to me as a Christmas present, made me open the present in front of my step-brothers, and my sister, and then discussed whether it was gonna fit in front of them etc. Then I was asked to go try it on and show them if it was ok. I died a thousand deaths. I hated them for it. It was unbelievably insensitive and unkind I thought, and not a celebration of a girl growing up that it should have been. I made my daughter feels special, honoured, happy and she LOVED getting her bras! I’m so glad I made it a good experience for her!

    • Kim says:

      Your first bra experience sounds awful. I would love to hear more about how you made it special for your daughter – and to help other Mums make it special for their daughters too.

  3. Skye says:

    My first bra was a very nervous experience. My mum insisted that I be fitted at a proper bra shop, which was very nice and thoughtful, but didn’t help a twelve year old me when the shop attendants pretty much said that I didn’t even need one. They were trying to get me to wear this bra that looked like the top half of a tank-top, but I (and my mum supported me in this) insisted on a bra! They did eventually manage to find me a bra – the smallest one they stocked – but it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Even today I don’t like going back to that shop. The most embarrassing part that I remember though, was walking out of the bra shop with a bag displaying their logo and name! Bra shops just shouldn’t display that sort of stuff!

  4. Andrea says:

    My first bra was an unexpected and rather unwelcome 12th birthday present from my mum in May 1972. Unexpected because neither of us had raised the subject of me getting one and unwelcome because I didn’t think needed one.

    A few of my classmates had started to wear them in our last year at Primary School, but when we started Secondary School my chest was still totally flat. This suited me fine as I was always a bit of a Tomboy and didn’t like ‘girly’ clothes.

    Gradually from about Christmas onwards I had started to notice the first signs of things changing. My nipples started to get a little ‘puffy’ and small bumps appeared underneath them. However they weren’t really noticeable under my clothes and other than making sure I wore a vest under certain T shirts and when I had PE at school I ignored them and carried as before.

    I didn’t think even mum had noticed as she never commented on them, so it was a surprise when she gave me one last present (thankfully once my dad had gone out). As I opened it to reveal a small white bra, she said something like “I thought you might be needing one of these soon”. I went red and didn’t say anything, but mum insisted I try it on. Well I hated the way the elastic seemed to cut into me and the way it seemed to emphasise my boobs under my shirts, when all I wanted was for them to go away.

    So for the next few months the bra was consigned to the bottom of my drawer and I carried on wearing my vests. However when it came time for ‘back to school’ shopping, mum insisted on buying more bras and said that I should wear them for school, even if I took them off when I got home.

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