FAQ for Facilitator Training

Frequently asked questions for Rites for Girls Facilitator Training

First, for a detailed description of this year-long immersive training, dates and costs please email us for more information.

What will I get from this training?

This training will change you.  It will change you as a woman and as a mother (if you are one).  Running GJT groups gives you really meaningful employment.  You will touch the lives of the girls  that you work with.  You’ll play your part in helping them to grow up into healthy strong young women.

This is a professional training that will further your career.  Provided you meet the course requirements you will qualify to become an accredited Girls Journeying Together Group Facilitator.  You will then be eligible to join the Rites for Girls Association which will support you to run GJT groups.

Why is there suddenly more demand for GJT groups?

Mental health concerns for girls are increasing.  Girls need our support.  Mothers recognise the value of giving their daughters the opportunity of belonging to a GJT group.

Steve Biddulph has recognised the importance of Rites for Girls work in his most recent best-selling book ’10 Things Girls Need Most’ which has a section written by Kim on Girls Journeying Together groups.  Suddenly we are receiving requests from all over the world for GJT groups so we need more facilitators.

What does the training entail?

The training consists of a mixture of four weeks of residential group training, individual support, peer groups, written work, and supervised practical experience held over one year.  Each residential module will cover topics directly related to the Rites For Girls program and will ask you to reflect upon your own experiences at that pre-teen stage of your life.  We will be journeying together as women, mirroring the journey that you will be learning to facilitate for the girls.  This means that two processes will go on simultaneously during the training: in the mornings you will experience a session of Girls Journeying Together group as an 11 year old girl; and in the afternoon, processing, teaching and experiential exercises to support your own individual process as an adult, professional woman working with girls of this age.

How long before I’m qualified to run my own GJT groups?

Six months after you start the Rites for Girls Facilitators Training programme you may be able to begin running your first GJT group in close supervision with us.  On completion of all the training requirements and when you finish running your first GJT group you will become an accredited Rites for Girls facilitator qualified to run GJT groups.

Will you help me get my first GJT group going?

We’ll give you all the training, materials and support you need to run your GJT group.  We’ll help you publicise it and set it up.  We’ll give you small group supervision every month.  We want you to have everything you need to be able enjoy this work and we’re committed to making sure that every girl on a GJT group has a top quality experience.

What if I don’t feel ready to start a group?

That’s fine, there’s no hurry.  You can start when you’re ready.  You’ll still participate in the group supervisions and learn from your peers who do start running their own GJT groups.  

Have I got the right qualifications?

We’re interested to hear what is calling you to this work.  We are flexible about our entry requirements as long as you bring some relevant skills and experience.  You may have group work experience, counselling or therapy qualifications, teaching or youth work skills, and daughters of your own.

What if I can’t make all the training modules?

Although not ideal you could make up what you miss by paying for individual tutorials.

How much can I earn?

Once you’re accredited you can charge £25 per girl per month, so with a group of 12 girls that’s £300pm or £3,600pa per group.  You could comfortably run six groups a month earning £21,600pa.

Initially, when you run your first supervised GJT group as part of your training we suggest a maximum of ten girls charging no more than £20, potentially earning you £2,400pa.

Aside from investing in your training there are very few other costs in establishing yourself.

How does this fit alongside family life?

I developed GJT groups alongside home-educating three children.  This work runs really well alongside raising a family.  All you need is someone who can have your children for the three hours that you run the group.  Everything else, the admin and planning can easily fit around family.  Plus it made me a better parent.

What are the benefits of membership of the Rites for Girls Association?


You will be listed on the Rites for Girls website as an accredited GJT facilitator licensed to run GJT groups.  

Your GJT groups will be advertised on the website along with your profile and email.  

You will be licensed to use the Rites for Girls logo, kit of promotional materials and training materials.

You will have access to our on-line support network of GJT facilitators.

You will be eligible to train further to learn how to continue your work with the girls as they progress through their teens.

You will have organisational membership of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

What will membership of the Rites for Girls Association cost?

Founder members will have a special starter fee of £60pa.

Normal membership fees are £100 – £180 depending on how many GJT groups a member is running to cover website administration for your courses and membership to the BACP.

You then pay the small fee of £25 per month for each GJT group you are running.  Your fee will be used to develop the work of the Rites for Girls Association.  We are not driven by financial ambition, our mission is to widen our reach, create a bursary fund, and bring the benefits of GJT groups to more girls.

Does the training have to be residential?

Absolutely.  As soon as women attend one of our training taster days they understand why.  The training is intense and covers a lot in a short space of time.  You will need to revisit your own pre-teen years in addition to learning how to deliver the GJT programme.  GJT groups are different every time, so you will need to acquire the skills to be responsive to the needs of your group and have many tools at your disposal to adapt to what the girls bring each month.

I really want to do this training but I’m struggling to see how I can afford it.

We appreciate that this professional training requires significant commitment from you in time and money.  We’re dedicated to ensuring every Rites for Girls facilitator is capable of providing a high quality of delivery for their girls.  Working at this level with adolescent girls requires in-depth training and we strongly encourage you to come along to a training taster day to help you appreciate what is involved.

We want to make this as accessible as possible so have designed the course to enable you to begin earning halfway through your training.  You have the potential to have earned back the training fees in a couple of years.

We encourage you to use your head to follow your heart.  If you feel called to this work then be creative in finding a way to finance your dream.

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