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sugar and spice or a bit more complicated?

‘Woman to woman’ – what are we all talking about?

– Sexism rating for films: At least two named women characters must talk to each other about something other than men for a film to receive the highest rating for gender equality in Sweden. That doesn’t seem like much of a requirement – two women chatting (but not about men) somewhere within a story lasting […]

Posted on 14 December 2013
Musings: Parenting girls
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Films are a great way of raising issues

You want to inspire your daughter to be all that she can be, films can be a great catalyst. You want to communicate something, find a film and use that as a springboard for talking. When you can’t get a teen to talk – this can be a way in. Here is a list of […]

Posted on 12 December 2013
Musings: Parenting teenagers, Parenting girls
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Rites for Girls goes audio!

For those of you who have asked me to give you words to listen to as well as to read, this is for you : 01 How does a girl become a woman           Photo: 123RF by Oleksandr Lysenko

Posted on 7 December 2013
Musings: Parenting girls

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