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Welcome! This website is for anyone who is interested in how we raise our girls from childhood into maturity. On my homepage are my musings on topics ranging from family mealtimes and exams to raging hormones and celebrating puberty.

Then there is a journey – a guide for those who wish to take their girls by the hand and lead them from girlhood into womanhood. I particularly want to offer support and guidance in how to mark the steps along the way, so that our girls may know that they are making their way towards womanhood successfully.

About you

I welcome you to share your thoughts, your questions, your own stories, and your experiences. Share with others how you have spent ‘girls together’ time with your daughter.  Tell us all how you have marked your daughter’s first blood.  I would love to hear how you have celebrated your daughter’s coming of age.  We learn from each other – women sharing and supporting one another.

About me

My name is Kim McCabe and I’m a home-educating mother of two boys, one girl, two cats and a number of aloe vera plants; wife to a Kiwi, daughter to travelling parents, friend to a precious few, and lover of time alone too.

The words that I write arise from many years of research and working with young people. I studied child psychology at Cambridge University, have been a counsellor to distressed teenagers, carried out sex education in schools and youth groups, been a youth worker and assertiveness trainer, shamanic dance teacher, and business management consultant. Now I hold groups for girls as they come of age and support mothers of daughters.  However, I am also an ordinary mother living in the Ashdown Forest, near to Forest Row in Sussex, England, who sometimes shouts at her kids, accidentally steps on the cat’s tail, and forgets to water the plants.

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